The Core Program (Common Courses Department) is designed to unite all KHAS students of different departments with different competencies around a common academic curriculum in the semester of their education.

This program is based on the belief that today’s university should provide students with the critical thinking and creative questioning skills they will need for rapid change in their fields of study and all areas of society.

Focusing on various research areas such as humanities, natural sciences, arts, and social sciences, our program uses a creative assessment and evaluation system. It aims to develop students’ interest and curiosity in different issues related to society, the world, and humanity via individual and collaborative projects.

In the Core Program, we aim to help our students build the solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and values needed to cope with the complex problems of our time and contribute to a peaceful and sustainable world in the “extreme information age,” where an increasing number of individuals, institutions, and devices compete to think for us.

For more information about the Core Program (Common Courses Department), please visit our website.

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